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The heartthrob of north and east India men’s fashion

Jubilee dhoti is a pioneer in manufacturing the traditional Indian dhoti, our products are manufactured with the fine artistry of our weavers who produce the most majestic and unique materials, we continue to enjoy the support & loyalty of our esteemed customers due to our long standing commitment towards upholding our cherished traditions and values.

The company is set in Madhavnagar, Sangli and the weavers are spread across Maharashtra.
We have a dedicated, experienced and a dynamic team of management and staff who keep the company in elevation always.

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We have always marketed our dhotis for wide exposure as traditional Indian culture to make it reach from cities to towns as well as villages.

Our company has helped in the growth and development of the rural states of Maharashtra as well as north India by providing direct and indirect employment and business to local – make in India firms and small scale factories so as to help our nation and our people. We are one of the few industries who are still providing job work to small power loom owners in need.

We have strived to sustain and develop our position as the leading manufacturer of dhoti by winning hearts of more than a million happy customers.

Our Motto

Quality Over Quantity

Our products go through rigorous quality checks before and after each process directly by our chairman and a team of highly qualified experts.

We at jubilee worship our work with utmost discipline and honesty and are very stringent about our principles, being in the textile industry we ensure to develop and evolve frequently to deliver nothing but the best. We are currently producing more than 100 variety’s of dhoti in cotton, poly cotton, poly cotton denier. We also deal with dyed dhotis to brighten up your attire

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