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We use Picanol Machines. Picanol machines have always been built for maximum performance, and always will be, but smart performance focuses on ensuring the highest industrial speeds in the market even under difficult conditions.

Weaving - Picanol machines
Rotary Screen Printing System with exceptional reliability


RD -8 (Rotary Screen Printing System with exceptional reliability)

The RD8 is a rotary screen printing system that distinguishes itself by its exceptional reliability. Specially designed for a durable and dependable lifespan, it is ideal for high-volume operations where quantity is a priority, with no compromises on quality.
Completely compatible with the demands of modern printing processes, it enables simple and rapid changeovers (to other designs / colourways), consistent operations and excellent reproducibility.

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Sap ERP Integrated Systems

Machines at Our Manufacturing Unit

  • Sizing Machines
  • Warping Machines
  • Dhoti Stenter Felt machine
  • Felt machines for finishing
  • Cotton Dying
  • PC Dying
  • Reactive Dying
  • Vat Dying
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