Relief sent to floods effected areas pan india
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Sangli, Maharashtra

A disturbing natural disaster shook the lives of millions of people in the western region of Maharashtra in 2019. Regions of Kolhapur, Sangli, Pune were all disrupted with heavy floods which lasted for around 3 weeks but the impact remained for nearly an year, during these hard times Mr Rajendraji Ghodawat helped the government as well as localities with food, sanitation & monetary help to the needy and unfortunate people who lost a lot to the disaster.

Food and Water relief activities conducted in year 2020 during Coronavirus Pandameic
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Corona – the worldwide pandemic has shaken the entire world like it never has seen, everything just stopped like someone had pushed the pause button on a remote, yes stopped the income too – millions of daily wage workers and hard working employees lost a lot during these tough times, staying home didn’t just mean that corona would stop but it also meant that their only source of meeting their daily necessities would stop too.

Mr Rajendraji Ghodawat didn’t only help the needy with money but also helped the government of sangli bring better quality treatment for those in need, he donated a ventilator to the government hospital during the pandemic for better treatment of the patients

Meditation hall donated at Dialysis Center in New Delhi
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New Delhi, Dialysis Center

Kidney failures and dialysis are among the growing diseases in our nation right now & its affect on our pockets is well known, the esteemed group of JITO, Delhi decided to help the needy with concessional dialysis & a healthy and stress free life! When Mr Rajendra ji heard of this auspicious work he couldn’t resist & decided to donate for the betterment of the patients in a holistic and natural affirmative mode & built the meditation centre for the dialysis patients.